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Windsurf Wave Foiling

   WWF as I call it,  I guess I probably should of created a better name for it but that is the only thing I could come up with at the time. Was born many years ago now when I got the idea to stick my "Surf Foil" that I was having so much fun with on my "Wind foil setup".  That was the Game changing moment and the discipline of WWF was born. Now I could surf foil all the time even when it was breezy. WWF feels exactly the same as surf foiling and its way easier then wind foiling. So easy, fun and addictive just ask anyone who is doing it or see review page. Hopefully in this section I am aiming to have lots of info about WWF, Equipment, blog post, videos, How too's, ect.   

 Here are some links to  Blog post on the Subject. 

  This is one of Lena’s first foiling sessions and she is already blasting through full foiling reaches!  Most everyone gets flying on the first day.  TopGun/GoFoil kit.

Hear are some tips to get you started on your WWF journey.  

•    To get started use the bigger wing and a sail size smaller. 
•    try to throw out your windsurfing brain, cause those habits wont work.
•    to get up on a foil, get as much board speed as you can, then try to kick up on foil with back foot pressure. 
•    Once up on foil, 85% of weight and foot pressure should be on front foot. (definitely with Go Foil)
•    Always put all foot pressure downward towards water/wings. Not sideways like windsurfing. You want to always ride the board just as like you were riding a surfboard.
•    Only sheet in with sail power as you need it when on foil. Too much sail power causes you to breach the foil too easily. 
•    Try not to shift weight/balance side to side. Only front to back to keep foil trim. 
•    Bend the knees lots (helps with balance).  
•    If you foil too high, you will breach the wing and lose all lift. Then you fall back to earth. Hahaha. But try not to panic and just hang on.  the board and nose rocker are designed for this and you should keep your forward momentum, just pick up a little more speed and start foiling again. 👍
•    Caution if you are trying to water start or near the foil when getting up on the board to uphaul,  keep away from it with your feet/legs. Its big with some sharp edges and you’ll know when you kick it.😣  It takes awhile to get in the habit of that. 😒 
•    For TopGun Boards Masttrack back in light winds, forward in moderate winds.
•    In General, Move kicker plate up for bigger wings back for smaller wings
•    Jibing- get some speed, then weight all the way forward always.  try to keep nose of board Low, all the way thru carve. just let the sail flag, and carve board around. switch feet then sheet in.👍

•    Start coming up with more excuses, so you can go WWF more. Its very addicting.😁

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