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TopGun Foilboards

  • Reef Warriors Foil Board line-up is named 'TopGun".  These boards are for everyone. From Beginners to experts, and surfers to windsurfers, these multi discipline boards are perfect for all world conditions. They can Wind Foil, Sup Foil Surf, Windsurf Wave Foil, Wingy Foil and Down Wind Foil, all at the highest performing level possible. 

  • After close to 3 yrs of design and water testing, these boards are ahead of their time and ahead of the game! From start to finish this was one of the most challenging and mind crazy thinking experiences I have ever had. I quickly learned in the beginning of surf foiling that everything is different. There are so many more design elements that you have to deal with to get dialed in as compared to a regular surf board or Windsurf board. You're basically making a Jet that can surf. Crazy when you stand back and think about it.

  • In Total I have 4 Foilboards in the “TOPGUN” lineup with basically the same design characteristics, but all of course having their own nickname: ICEMAN, MAVERICK, GOOSE and VIPER.

  •  Foiling is so much fun, but not all foiling is alike. I have seen a lot of people have a tough time and give up on it, mostly because they were trying to do a foil discipline not suited for their needs.  Try not to buy into a lot of the big brand marketing hype.  If it interests you, do lots of research, ask lots of questions and try to figure out what kind of foiling discipline suits you to have the most Fun and, as always, support your local shapers, dealers and businesses.

You can contact me at for availability and more details.  At the moment very limited board builds due to health issues.  



7' x 31" 122L

This is the Board for everyone and can do “Foil” anything at any skill level. This is the most popular TopGun board and the one I Recommend for most. It is super stable, lots of glide yet very maneuverable.   Recommended rider weight 130-195LB


6' x 31" 112L

This is the “PRO’s” board, sort of like an untamed Bull.  The Maverick provides the ultimate excitement in a Foil board. I Recommend this  for advanced surf foilers only! *On a Side note this board works awesome for Wingy dingy foiling.*



7' x 31" 144L

I am proud to introduce to you the all new TopGun “GOOSE”. This is a High performance WWF/Wing/Sup surf Foilboard for the big guys.  I had a lot of passion for developing this board,  cause I didn’t want to leave the “big guy” behind like the general surf industry does time and time again. (they think everyone is 150Lbs and uber talented)😆 Arhhh.    Well now the 200lb+ can out shred those annoying little surfers all day long. 🤙  and man dose this board shred.   It took a lot of R&D and time but I couldn’t be happier with the results.👌  
The final stats come in at 144L 7’x31″  Recommended rider 190-230Lb


5’4″ x 20 1/2″ 46L

This is a Prone/Wake/Kite Foil surf board, Still in R & D phase.

Viper Single_edited.jpg

TopGun a Revolutionary Design

  • *Patent Pending* "HDR Channel". This bottom center channel allows for quicker acceleration, more speed, better tracking and stability. This feature makes it outperform smaller boards

  • Rear Step-tail. Allows for better static stability while increasing balance + maneuverability by decreasing flight board length. AKA makes it feel like a much smaller board in the air. 

  • Beveled Side Rails. gives better stability, reduces bottom footprint for more speed, also reduces rail catching for tighter turning. A must in foil boards. 

  • Foil Rocker. The perfect amount of nose rocker to allow touch-downs but flat enough for max acceleration and speed.  This is so important for learning.

  • "The Flap". Carbon fiber Adjustable Kicker plate for that important back foot placement. 

  • "Foot markers".  Small foot bumps that screw into the foot-strap holes for ultimate strapless riding. so you never have to look down. Like Braille for your feet. 

  • Sharp Rails. Hard sharp rails through-out for ultimate water release. Increases speed and acceleration.  A must have feature otherwise your board will feel like an anchor.   



5'4" x 27" x 5 3/8"  99L

This Wing Specific board, checks off everything I was going for. It has just enough stability, float, and balance to get up standing on it. The step tail really helps with that. The length is perfect and it actually has a little glide for being so short. The deck has just enough room to move feet around. The rocker is totally unique on jester, I took a gamble on it, and dang it paid off. With all the TopGun bottom features there is zero loss of speed when you touch down. That is something soo hard to achieve in boards this short. That means you can do more surfing and less foiling. 🏄‍♂️🤙😁The  foot markers are spot on there placement.  I have to say any winger who gets there hands on“Jester” is going to be mind blown. 

TopGun Build and Construction

Every board is made with the Highest Quality North American made materials. (Very far superior to most China made boards.) and of course made in the USA.  Casey hand makes every board start to finish for the best craftsmanship and quality possible.  All TopGun boards are a vacuum bagged surfboard type construction with space aged Laminates (zero fiberglass) and an ultra high quality strong core. The result gives it a more surfboard feel but yet is lighter,stronger and more durable. 

  • Ultra Super-fused EPS Foam core. Made in California

  • NASA grade proprietary blend Laminates. Made in New Hampshire

  • Strong Chinook boxes/tracks. (No plastic boxes). Made in Oregon

  • Carbon/Wood Surf Tuttle box. (No plastic box). Made in Washington

  • All Boxes & plugs set in High Density foam. Made in North Dakota

  • Automatic venting leash plug. Made in New Jersey 

  • All Graphics are a resin based paint. Made in Spain

  • Ultra premium Deck pad. Bought from Oregon

  • Pro Grade surf board specific epoxy. Made in California

  • Fully Vacuum bagged construction, for perfect strength to weight ratio. 


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