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      Hi my name is Casey Treichler.  The brand "REEF WARRIORS BOARDS" evolved from my desire and passion to make the highest performance surf craft on the planet, while also making the most fun boards to ride. The “TopGun” Wind & Surf FoilBoards Line reflects that philosophy perfectly.  My 30 years of being an uber waterman, along with a lifetime of Engineering experience means that I have developed a talent to dial-in equipment to the optimum performance level. That magical combination really sets these board designs apart from everything else.     
      My inspiration is easy: “To have the most Fun as possible”.  It’s that maximum fun factor that I try to achieve in all my designs  because if you’re not having fun, why do it?  Most other brands (especially the big ones) all design their surf craft in perfect tropical conditions with extremely talented people. The water is flat, the wind is steady, the waves are glassy and the riders are so talented they can ride a frying pan. The problem with that is that the average consumer lives in the real world with varying conditions and average ability. The result is a ton of hard earned $$$ gets wasted on surf-craft that are not very much fun for the average rider in anything but perfect conditions.
     I build and test all of my designs for some of the worst conditions possible such as gusty winds and washing machine wind swell. If I am having fun in those conditions, I know I most likely will have fun anywhere else in the world.  I also use the “average Joe” for test riders, and use their feedback immensely because in the real world, they will be the ones buying and riding them, not some over-hyped Pro waterman. 

      I build every board  I sell by hand from start to finish with all North American made materials, to ensure the most premium product in the world.  It's really a labor of love because, unfortunately, there is very little $$$ to be made.  I have been asked many times why don't I have them made in china like all the big brands? Well, that is just against everything I stand for. China and India create 90% of the world's pollution to the oceans and planet, along with them stealing people's designs, slave labor, inferior materials and bad craftsmanship. Sorry, no thanks! I was raised with better morals.  I always try to do my best in avoiding buying any of that China crap. It's one of the small things that I can do to actually have an impact in this world. I will always choose supporting local business and community over anything else period. It's just what I stand for. So if my boards cost a little more than then the Big Brand stuff, those are some of the reasons why.   
      So that is a bit about me, my process and my boards. If you are interested in learning more about finding a board that is going to help you have the most fun any conditions and maximize your time on the water, feel free to drop me a email at  I look forward to hearing from you! 

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