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  • Sandro, Canada, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐     

  •    I own the Iceman. Had it for just over a season. First impression was that it was so light! After owning it for a season, I can truly say that the construction is second to none! This is one tough board! I mainly windsurf foil in waves (WWF) with my Iceman. In sub plaining (or flight), the board feels very stable and has an awesome glide. Being so light, it does not take much breeze to get it in flight, and once up, it feels as though it's allergic to water! Weather in flight, sub plaining or uphauling, this is a very well balanced board. Paired up with GoFoil wings, I truly believe I own one of the best foil kits available!

  • Cliff, Canada, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  •    I'm 85kg and a proficient sup surfer and windsurfer. I've had a Top Gun Ice Man model for nearly two years now and logged over a hundred sessions between sup foil and windsurf foil. The board itself looks like bad ass fighter jet and it feels like one to. On the road to training my foiling brain the board has taken a beating but you wouldn't know it, the construction is amazing and it still looks like new. The foil and mast track position as well as the adjustable stomp pad and the "brail" for your feet have been well thought out to really make for the most balanced ride possible. The board is extremely stable for sup foil even in the most difficult and choppy paddling conditions. While windsurfing foiling it is easy to up haul or water start, tack and gybe. I've taken the board into everything from 1 ft to head high waves with a paddle and a sail. It leaves the water quickly which must have something to do with volume distribution and the unique bottom design. Its right at home making aggressive turns and cutbacks without touching down. I'm still pushing the limits on my Ice Man and I think its the perfect mix of fun and performance. Very happy I made the leap into foiling and I made the right choice going with a Reef Warrior Custom!

  • Gordon E., USA, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  •   Great board for wind foiling in waves, wing'n it, SUP foiling. All the right dimensions , well balanced, and FUN. The rest of the wind surfing industry got a good ways to catch up with the design of the Top Gun, if your focus is to to play in the waves. If you are all about top racing speed this is probably not the board for you. All the top materials , strong and very nice looking.

  • Mike,  Canada

  •   Used the Top Gun with GoFoils last season and it is all I want to do on the water now. The season before is when I started Windfoiling and I was using an Alpinefoil with a Starboard 122, before that kiting and windsurfing. Huge difference between the setups. The Starboard/Alpinefoil is fast, feet in the straps, sail raked back slalom style sailing. The TopGun/Gofoil feels like a mix between wavesailing and old school longboard…smaller sail, upright position, no straps, slower speeds. For me the TopGun/Gofoil is way more fun. Casey has the board dialled and at 6’ it will fit in the back of my truck. The construction is also top shelf. Key to the ride is the sail/universal to foil mast distance which is much shorter allowing for an upright more centered stance. Consequently, when the foil picks up a swell you are in more of a stance like on a surfboard and can ride the swell with little to no sail input. Gybing is also much easier because the mast is more upright. I bought my GoFoils as a set and use: Maliko 200 for small rollers and sails 5.5-4.7, Iwa for larger rollers and sails 4.4-3.0, Maliko 280 for really light wind, Nalu for kite foiling. I weigh about 160lbs.

  • Joel N,  Canada ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • Ron, Canada 

  • Hey Casey,
    Just wanted to drop you a line about how stoked I am with your board and the go foil set up!  To go with it as well I got the entire quiver of Naish Lift sails, and carbon skinny masts new this year and man, the whole set up feels so dialed in.  I definitely addicted to Windsurf foiling now, I cant get enough of it. 

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